In mid 2012 I had to replace a hard drive which crashed. Amusingly, two days before it crashed I discussed the symptoms with Mark, and he knew exactly what was going to happen, his knowledge of computers and technology is that good.

I was able to get a new hard drive through warranty, free, from my original supplier. However, in the proceeding days, I forgot to install anti-virus software, and of course, the inevitable happened.

I phoned Mark at Stuff That Works with my dilemma. I was able to drop my computer off mid-afternoon, and one of the fabulous technicians cleaned my computer with no problems. Mark then followed up by advising of different anti-virus options, including the free option for those with licensed copies of Windows, something I did not know.

Not only did I receive quick and thorough service from Stuff That Works, the extra stuff that went with it, was just great. Advice, customer service, friendliness. They do not operate in that way of- drop off computer, wait 2 days, pay and be gone. They care about you and your computer and getting the two of you reunited as quickly as possible.

I will always recommend these guys to friends, and will continue to use them when the need arises.

Matthew Farmer
Wonderdog Writing Solutions