Referrals are an immediate indication of outstanding services. STW were recommended to me a few years ago and I have not been disappointed!

Their professional structure, together with their friendly team members, always-happy-to-help approach and reliable support make this IT Support company stand out from the rest.

I am more than happy to recommend STW to anyone, no matter how big or small their IT problem may be.

Office Manager & Administration
Apten Financial Solutions Pty Ltd

We have worked with Stuff That Works for several years now, and found them to be easy to access and very helpful for IT support. We used to have IT support whose ‘fixes’ produced domino disasters, but STW has demonstrated again and again that they get the importance of solving problems not creating them. Their flexible packaging has been really helpful in giving us peace of mind. We say in our organisation that data is gold, and our IT is the vault. We’re confident with our IT systems in STW’s hands.

State Director
SU Victoria

We are a busy insurance office totally dependent on our IT infrastructure and when things go wrong they unfortunately always all go wrong at once . The team at STW are always great to deal with . They respond very quickly are always friendly and very patient with the less IT savvy members of our staff and more importantly they do not give up till they get to the root of a problem. I am always confident when calling STW that the fault will be fixed ASAP . I have no reservations in recommending STW to any of my own customers as I know that the service STW provides would only enhance my standing with the client for having recommended them.

Triple T Insurance Services Pty Ltd

STW are professional, supportive and thorough in the servicing of our organisation. Our staff are serviced both in the office and on the road. That service is always of the highest standard, nothing seems too large or too small to be given their attention. I am impressed by each one of their staff who work to not only meet our IT management needs but who have insight into our organisations future IT challenges and needs and follow through with innovative recommendations and implementation.

I highly recommend them to all organisations looking for first class and progressive servicing. You can depend on STW to be there when you most need them.

ACCESS ministries

I have contacted STW for help to create a new and better website than my current one and for their web optimisation services. I have now been with STW for the past 7 month and feel that I can completely rely on their support now and into the future. Not only have they built my new "good looking" website from scratch, but they continue to provide a very friendly and prompt web support services on a daily basis. My requests are answered within 24 hours. I no longer have to worry if I need to add an item or a photo or figure out how to update or improve my site, I simply email the request and get a quick response and action from one of their many expert departments.

I highly recommend STW to businesses that need to create a website and receive ongoing support and optimisation to enhance recognition of their activities on the web. Thanks STW for your prompt and expert service. You certainly have demonstrated your passion for great customer service.

Sporteka Kids

STW was recommended to us by our Financial Manager and straight away someone came and helped solve my problems. They also helped me get a better understanding of my computer and not made me feel like a dummy. I would recommend STW to anyone that wants quality service.

Operations Manager
John Perry Transport

We chose STW because they offered exactly the services we (a SME with no interest in IT) want, we have also received fast, responsive & personal service and would recommend them unequivocally.

Serious Consulting Pty Ltd

I have dealt with STW for many years because they provide high quality advice and assist with issues in a generally understandable manner for the non-technically able.

I recently upgraded to a portable lap top for business purposes and was provided with an appropriate machine. The add-on's requiring extra ports were handled effectively allowing a much lighter travel machine, but a functional office. This also kept costs to a minimum.

The benefit of working with STW was that I received personal attention to set up the mew equipment with a seamless transfer of programs and hard drive functionality and data. There is also a first class enquiry process.

As a chartered accountant the support and professional problem solving is critical to my business success.


We were looking for a company where we can outsource core components of our IT hardware support. STW was the most suitable vendor when it came to price and service delivery and they have met our expectations in all areas of expertise. The main benefits for us in working with Stuff That Works are: Low cost, 24 hour support and expert knowledge. We would recommend STW to anyone, as they are a professional company committed to good service by using experienced staff.

Managing Director
GTS Group Melbourne

We are experts in radio communication but not computer networking. With today's modern radio systems IP linking is the norm and we recognised we would need somebody close by that could help us on the networking side. STW were not only close but showed an immediate understanding of the issued we were having and were able to quickly come to our rescue. The answers were professional and Mark was happy to tell us how to do it rather than just doing it for us. For this reason alone, I would be happy to recommend STW to anybody looking for help with their PC's or network.

CIM Concepts Pty Ltd.

I am happy with the friendly service provided by STW and also experienced good support when I was with CCES and your team has met my expectations. I have no hesitation in recommending you to other companies.

CHA Agencies Pty Ltd

Our core business is Laboratory Information Management. Internal servers, laptops and PCs are vital to doing our business, but maintaining them is not our core skill and it is a distraction to the main game. STW have been providing IT maintenance and support to LabWare for 7 years. They provide us with trained, quality IT support personnel at a fraction of the cost compared to employing a dedicated staff member. I'd recommend STW to any small/medium size business.

LabWare LIMS Solutions - Results Count
LabWare Australia Pty. Ltd.

The professionalism, patience and knowledge of the Staff at STW impressed me so much that when I changed employers I immediately chose them to sort out any problems with the servers and software that were beyond my level of expertise.

I expected a deep knowledge of Windows Server O.S and Hardware and these people delivered, and did not try to "take over" the whole network maintenance like other companies try to do.

The availability of tech staff and their ability to solve problems and offer solutions to our IT needs are advantageous to us.

I would recommend STW because they have never failed to solve a problem for us and we feel that we are still in control of our own network.

Electronic Maintenance.
Mountain Bread Pty Ltd.

Thanks STW for over 10 years of personalised support and expert advice.

Pathfinders Downunder Pty Ltd

In mid 2012 I had to replace a hard drive which crashed. Amusingly, two days before it crashed I discussed the symptoms with Mark, and he knew exactly what was going to happen, his knowledge of computers and technology is that good.

I was able to get a new hard drive through warranty, free, from my original supplier. However, in the proceeding days, I forgot to install anti-virus software, and of course, the inevitable happened.

I phoned Mark at Stuff That Works with my dilemma. I was able to drop my computer off mid-afternoon, and one of the fabulous technicians cleaned my computer with no problems. Mark then followed up by advising of different anti-virus options, including the free option for those with licensed copies of Windows, something I did not know.

Not only did I receive quick and thorough service from Stuff That Works, the extra stuff that went with it, was just great. Advice, customer service, friendliness. They do not operate in that way of- drop off computer, wait 2 days, pay and be gone. They care about you and your computer and getting the two of you reunited as quickly as possible.

I will always recommend these guys to friends, and will continue to use them when the need arises.

Wonderdog Writing Solutions